Over the years, TATA Genuine Parts has established itself as the leading Automotive Spare Parts brand in India. This is mainly because of the distinguishing features and products we offer. One of the key factors of our success is that since our inception, we have kept up with changing trends and customer needs and offered innovative products accordingly. We have been able to effectively segment the entire market and identify what product would be apt for a particular segment, and the positioning of 'Engineered to go the Distance' is unique and stays true to the brand and the products offered. Similar products are clubbed and offered as Kits that make them easily available. One of TGP’s biggest technological advancements can be seen in the packaging. The use of various advanced technologies is critical in avoiding duplication. These factors are essential in setting us apart from our competition and are the brand’s defining aspects.

client logoConstant innovation.

client logoCustomised solutions
based on customer needs.

client logoEffective Product
Segmentation and Positioning.

client logoProduct Kits
like EOK, Filter Kits, Bearing Kits, etc. provide efficient mobility solutions.

client logoState-of-the-art packaging
with tamper-proof technology to prevent duplication.

Interesting Facts

client logo15 Oil Seals
are shipped every minute!

client logo1,500 Filters
are shipped every hour!

client logo3,000 Clutches
are shipped every day!