TATA Champion Loyalty Programme

In 2010, TGP launched a loyalty program for Retailers, called the TATA Champion Loyalty Programme. All the retailers registered with TGP qualified as Champions. These retailers were very thoughtfully called Champions, since they knew the entire gamut of the business inside out. Today, there are close to 18,000 retailers registered under the loyalty programme! All the retailers registered under this programme get an opportunity to earn loyalty points by messaging the product code on each product purchased. These points can be redeemed for a horde of gifts ranging from items like key chains to small commercial vehicles.

Champion Zone

The best performing retailers are a part of an Elite Group. These retailers stand a chance to get their shop branded by TGP, which help in better identification and greater visibility. These branded shops are called Champion Zones that deal specifically with TATA Genuine Parts products.

Champ Mela

Distributors invite their respective retailers to a grand event called Champ Mela. This event is solely held for the retailers, who can cash in on on-the-spot deals and various other products kept on display by the distributors. In addition to this, Champions also stand a chance to win gifts like LED TVs, mobile phones, etc.

Get, Set, Fly

TGP sets its retailers challenging targets and the retailers don’t leave any opportunity in achieving them. For this dedication and hard work, TGP rewards them with a fully sponsored trip to exotic locations in India and aboard. This not only proves to be a good break for the winning champions, but is also a motivating factor for the others.